Osteopath CDS

Laïla Köthenbürger

Laïla Köthenbürger graduated from the Swiss School of Osteopathy in 2012, she first worked as an assistant at Philippe Lamy in Geneva and in an osteopathic clinic in Lausanne. During these years of assistantships, she took advantage of this opportunity to pursue further training, particularly in visceral, structural, tissue, functional and paediatrics in order to diversify and refine her practice of osteopathy.

In 2015, she travelled the world for several months. During this trip she put her experience to good use by carrying out a humanitarian mission in a village in the Peruvian Andes. There, she treated women and infants in the maternity ward and school children.

Then, Laïla Köthenbürger graduated as a CDS osteopath in 2017, she made several replacements before finally settling down on her own in July 2018.

In her practice, she mixes the different techniques learned during her studies and multiple continuing education in order to best adapt to the patient’s needs.


Marion Etevenard

Marion Etevenard graduated from the International Center of Osteopathy (France) in 2013, she first worked in a practice in France, then in an osteopathic clinic in Geneva as an assistant.
She has had the opportunity to do different trainings during these years, including gynecological accompaniment of women, senior public, infants but also in structural and tissue techniques. She also obtained her diploma as a sports osteopath in 2018 as well as her diploma as a sports coach.

Since 2018, she has also been working for the French Riviera Open (handisport tennis tournaments) accompanying athletes for their preparation, recovery and emergencies on the court.

These different experiences have allowed her to understand that movement is the basis of our health and she uses her knowledge in order to offer the best care to the patient.