Our services are reimbursed by the complementary insurance. Please check with your health or accident insurance company on the amount of cost-sharing.

The sessions last from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the case and is charged 130.- CHF

Any missed session not cancelled24 hours in advance will be charged at the usual rate.

Payments are made after each session with different methods of payment possible. A receipt is issued after each payment.

Consultations can be payed in cash, with cards (+1.-) or twint.


Cases of illness
The swiss basic insurance (LaMAL) does not support osteopathy. This is reimbursed by supplementary insurance. However, you must check with your insurance that your contract covers osteopathy as well as the osteopath who treats you.

Accident case
The management of osteopathy by accident insurance is possible but varies from one insurance to another. You are therefore strongly advised to call your accident insurance to determine with them the reimbursement services they offer.