For Children

Paediatric osteopathy

Muscular tensions can impact on babies in many different ways, such as discomfort in the feeding position, favouring turning their head one way when sleeping, and difficulties with digestion. Very gentle osteopathic techniques can help to release and balance areas of physical tension, helping to soothe and relax as well as promoting freer movement where the muscles have been tight.

Young children
We see many young children presenting with a wide range of common childhood conditions such as digestion issues, aches and pains and circulatory problems, as well as more complex conditions. Depending on the issue, we may suggest exercises to practice at home in addition to returning for follow-up treatments. We’ll always refer you to your GP if we feel that’s a more appropriate course of action.

In addition to the usual childhood conditions, we may see teens with sports injuries, pain caused by poor posture, the impact of rapid physical and emotional development, and the inability to relax caused by the stress of exams or the pressures of social media. Some of our teens have been coming to the clinic since they were younger children, while others may be completely new to osteopathy. We give our teens the time they need to discuss their issues and listen with sensitivity and calm, before moving onto treatment.

Paediatric osteopathy

We can help with :

  • — Discomfort whilst lying on his/her back
  • — Excess mucous production
  • — Headaches
  • — Plagiocephaly, Flat Head or Odd Shaped Head
  • — Suckling/Feeding difficulties
  • — Colic or Excessive Crying
  • — Regurgitation
  • — Sinus problems
  • — Sleep disturbances
  • — Suckling/Feeding difficulties
  • — Unsettled restless babies
  • — Posture problems
  • — Aches and pains associated with growing